Still Crazy (13/4/99)

Once upon a time, there was a pretty run-down rock band called "Strange Fruit" whose "career" ended when lightning struck during their performance on a festival ("God was fed up with them"). They split up, but 20 years later, the son of the man who had organized the festival wants to organize (almost) the same thing again. However, everybody has grown older, and some of the former band members (who now take vitamin pills instead of drugs) are not too pleased with the idea of performing again. But boys will be boys, and so they prepare for the festival by touring through the Netherlands, running into trouble continuously.
The most important ingredient for this movie is music, along with a somewhat coarse kind of humour. It's a rather funny movie pulling the legs of quite a few rock musicians who have grown older, healthier, more boring etc. since their wild days (but who are still as vain as they used to be!). I quite liked the music too (am I getting older?). However, I don't think everyone will be pleased with this kind of Seventies Revival.

Rating: 3.5/5
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